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A reliable, on-time, 21st century reporting and transcription company celebrating 20 years of service in 2014

Please note:  see important information in our pre-recorded transcription services.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. HD Thoreau

Transcripts Plus (a trading name for our company) has over 30 years'  in total of professional experience in the reporting and transcription industry. 

During those 30 years, it has assisted courts, Parliaments, conferences, universities - in fact, an astonishingly diverse range of governmental and corporate clients.  Annual General Meetings, court cases, board meetings, focus groups, university research have all been assisted.  We can provide countless testimonials as to our professional, speedy, and accurate services.  Transcript pages produced would number well over 500,000.  We have often been called upon to report highly confidential material, and have rewarded the confidence our clients have displayed in us.  

  • We combine cutting-edge technology plus traditional methods, and meet the needs of businesses of any description in the new millennium.  We offer you a breadth of real, on the road experience, plus a love of words and the English language. 
  • Our highly skilled Australian staff, reinforced with our now twenty years of experience, can satisfy any demands and timelines.

We utilise bespoke software designed for court reporting, conferences, board meetings, public hearings such as AGMs, public inquiries and interviews.

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On-site, all text is synched to our professional digital recording system.  The draft transcript is produced in realtime, as the hearing progresses.  If we highlight the transcript text, the digital audio of what was said at that point plays back.  We can also video proceedings.


All our court reporting software is now utilising Windows 8.1. 


  A NEW SERVICE - Transcripts Plus is now offering Pitman's Shorthand translation services for police investigation paper trails, coronary inquiries, diaries of deceased persons, litigations, insurance claims resolution, real estate investigations, geneologies, research projects, historical documents. 


 Our attention is always client focused.  We strive to ensure you save time by:

  1. Making our cost structure competitive
  2. Providing our services with a rapid turnaround rate, which can include realtime transcripts over the Internet  
  3. Including in our transcripts free services such as time stamps,  key word indexes, condensed documents
  4. Ensuring we are technologically advanced, using the latest 21st century tools, so that our clients benefit from our expertise
  5. Building a reputation on trust and friendly professionalism  




Contact us for:

Verbatim Transcripts/Digital Recording/Video
on site (AGMs, court hearings, board meetings, focus groups) that can include a range of complimentary additional services.  (See our Verbatim Transcripts tab for further information.) We can also utilise your digital and/or video recordings, if you prefer, to produce our client specific DVD.

Pre-recorded digital/analogue verbatim transcript services
that can also include a range of complimentary additional services. (
Pre-recorded digital transcription)

Professional Minutes
in a variety of styles to suit your needs. (
Professional minutes)

Hearing impaired?
We provide CART (Computer Assisted Realtime Transcription) for meetings/lectures.

Interested in speech recognition and how it can boost your business efficiency?
We provide specialised training seminars on the very latest techniques.

Note: Transcripts Plus is licensed under the Evidence Act of the Supreme Court of Victoria to produce verbatim transcripts.

Depositions?  Transcripts Plus is also experienced in producing American style depositions.  We obtained our Court Reporter licence from the Victorian Supreme Court, under the Evidence Act, in 1976.

The satisfaction of doing high quality work, that provides much more than you might expect, is the foundation of our success and sustainability.


We are beta testers for our SpeechCAT software.   

Contact us directly for prices for the various versions  and shipping costs of Nuance products.    

Latest technology news :  Transcripts Plus has finished its testing with Windows 8.1 and the results are outstanding.  Our range of highly task oriented software works exceedingly well with this operating system in the test results, and we have upgraded our computers to the latest version, Windows 8.1.  We love it.




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